11 Plus

For seven years we have helped students throughout East Kent with the Kent Selection Tests (11 Plus).

With 9 out of 10 children achieving places at grammar schools, we believe we are the most successful tuition business in Kent.  2010 (89%), 2011 (90%), 2012 (89%), 2013 (86%), 2014 (93%), 2015 (84%), 2016 (91%), 2017 (91%).

The secret of our success has always been not to coach or tutor specifically for the Kent Selection tests: children are taught the whole curriculum and what we believe children should know.

In maths, we cover the national curriculum and encourage students to think carefully about the questions and use common sense.  We also don’t revisit the same questions repeatedly – Doing so, simply allows students to memorise the answers, not how to find the answers.

During the course children are not only exposed to written comprehension, but to aural comprehension as well, to help improve concentration and memory.  

With verbal reasoning we run through the different possible sections that may arise and explain the pitfalls – One of the best things a student can do is read as much as possible, this will expose them to many of the words they will need for the tests and for the future.

Non-verbal (and spatial reasoning) is about following patterns.  There are only a small number of changes which can be made to a pattern.  Once a student knows these changes, they can follow the patterns and find the correct answers.

2019, 11 Plus Timetable

A link to the provisional timetable is below.

Places are offered on a first come, first served basis.  

If you are interested in your child attending classes, please contact us.

(1/10/18:  Please note the Canterbury 1 and 2 sessions are officially fully booked, however it is possible to register in Herne Bay or Thanet and still attend some classes in Canterbury.  Please contact us for more details.)

2019 will be the last year the 11 Plus Course is offered at cost - parents have only paid the cost of materials, support staff and hall hire etc - Adam has taught the classes unpaid.  Last year we turned away around 60 children who wanted to attend the course as we were fully booked.  We want to be able to help more children in the future.  We are working towards this and will take on additional teaching staff, hence the increase in fees from 2020.

2019, 11 plus timetable Timetable.pdf

2020, 11 Plus Course

If you are interested in your child having a place on our 2020, 11 Plus Course he/she will need to sit an initial test in order to preregister.  Children who already attend our after-school classes automatically have places held for them and have first refusal.  When the timetable is announced, around June or July 2019, we will write to all parents of children who are preregistered offering them places, if available.

We anticipate the fees for the 2020 course to be approximately £650.