2018 Fee Increase

If your child(ren) attend classes at The Classroom, your fees are increasing from April 2018.

If you pay monthly your standing order will need to be amended from £65 to £70 (/child/month/subject).

There are 3 ways to do this:

Option 1 - Change it yourself

Change the standing order yourself.

If you have online or telephone banking you should be easily able to change the amount yourself.

When you have done so, let us know by text (07730603456), e-mail or complete the form below.
Updated Standing Order

Option 2 - Pay by Direct Debit

Set up a Direct Debit for future payments and cancel the current standing order.  It takes about 4 working days to set up a Direct Debit.  You will receive notifications of any changes by e-mail.

If more than one person is required to authorise Direct Debits, you will need to print and sign a form.

Once you have set up the Direct Debit please complete the form below.

Adam or Darren can help you set up your Direct Debit in class.

If you have already set up a Direct Debit for The Classroom, we can simply add monthly/termly payments to the Direct Debit.  You will need to cancel the current standing order.

Option 3 -  On Paper

Amend the current standing order or set up a new one.

With the original letter you were given two standing order mandates.  You can download another copy here.

If amending a standing order you must ensure you use the same acount details.

The monthly payment date must be the same as the current payment date.  If you are unsure, please contact Adam by text (07730603465) or e-mail, to check before completing the form.

You will need to ensure this is returned to The Classroom at least 10 days before the payment date.

Make a one-off payment

If you need to make a one-off payment by card or BACS, please follow the link below.