In Class

Students attend classes for one hour a week for 42 weeks of the year (see our calendar for full dates).  Please note that there are additional classes for children in Year 5 who will be sitting the Kent Selection Tests.  For further details please see our 11 plus page.

There is a maximum student to tutor ratio of 4:1.  Students are not grouped together by age or ability as they work independently to each other on different topics.

- Students start their class by completing a test.  The test is based on the work they did in class two weeks before.

- They then complete a KMP (Kent Mathematics Project) workcard.  This is marked and corrected during class.

- If they complete the card early the tutor will work with them to extend what they have learnt.

At Home

Students have 4 pieces of maths work to complete which corresponds to the work they completed in class.  This should be completed independently and then marked by a parent (answers are provided).  Corrections should be done by the student.  Parents can help with corrections if required.

Each folder has a green 'feedback' card.  If there are any questions your child doesn't understand or you feel they need additional help with please make a note on this card.  This card should also be completed with the score for each sheet of homework.

Please note students in Years 2 to 5 also receive one sheet of verbal reasoning and one sheet of non-verbal reasoning to complete each week.


In Class

Students always start class by completing their English Workshop workcard.  The English workshop cards are designed to help improve reading, comprehension and vocabulary.  When the workcard is completed, students move onto spellings.  Children are encouraged to use dictionaries to look up the meanings of the new words they have discovered, however the tutor is on hand to help understand the meanings of the words they encounter.  Students complete class with grammar and punctuation work.

During class the student's homework is marked and discussed with a tutor.  Students also read to a tutor during class.

At Home

Students are given the same spellings they had in class to learn for homework and write five sentences containing the spellings.  The spellings are checked at home, by a parent and the sentences are checked in class.

Students are also expected to read two chapters of their Compact Classic or similar storybook.  They are given questions to answer on each chapter.  These questions are to be answered neatly using full sentences in their notebooks.  This work is also marked in class.  We recommend parents listen to their child read and discuss the questions with them.

Homework must be returned to class each week together with the storybook.

Please note students in Years 2 to 5 also receive one sheet of verbal reasoning and one sheet of non-verbal reasoning to complete each week.