23rd March 2020 - Temporarily we are not testing new students for our classes.  We are receiving more enquiries than usual, due to Coronavirus.  We are working on new testing methods for new students.  Please e-mail if you would like to register your child and for further information.

To register your child for any of our classes, you must complete our registration and agreement forms.  These forms are in our information pack which can be picked up from any of our classes.  The information pack contains our 'Guide for Parents' booklet and the forms.

An information pack will be given to you at your child's initial assessment, the registration form must be completed at the time.  There is no charge for the initial assessment nor any obligation for the child to start classes..  The agreement form(s) will need to be returned at the start of your child's first class - we will not accept them at the initial assessment.

In the interest of child protection and safety, it is our policy that no child can attend a class unless the registration form and an agreement form has been completed.  Your details will only be used by staff at The Classroom for administration purposes and the contact with you.  We are not always able to provide copies of forms at the time we receive them.  You should expect to find copies in your child's homework from the second class.  We will never sell you personal details.

To book an initial assessment, please call or e-mail us.  Our contact details can be found here.